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Estate And Probate Assistance For Plaintiffs’ Lawyers

Many plaintiffs’ attorneys find that their clients’ legal matters involve estate and probate issues. This overlap is particularly pronounced in wrongful death and personal injury matters. Wrongful death claims are often brought on behalf of the deceased’s estate, personal injury claims compensation can involve collections in probate, and guardianship issues can arise, as well. Without specific experience practicing in probate and estate law, plaintiffs’ lawyers can face a significant challenge in providing their clients with comprehensive legal service.

To give your clients the best, most thorough representation when their legal matters involve probate, it is essential to refer them to a lawyer who has a regular practice of serving other lawyers’ clients in this area of law. You need an attorney you can trust to take care of your clients and protect their interests.

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At the Law Office of Warren B. Brams, P.A., a substantial amount of work involves providing probate and estate assistance for plaintiffs’ lawyers and their clients. We take cases on referral from lawyers in the West Palm Beach and Jupiter areas of Florida in legal matters involving:

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If you are an attorney who has a client with probate and estate matters pending, please give us a call to discuss whether we can handle this for your client. We offer free 30-minute consultations in most cases. We can discuss this if you feel it would be helpful for your client. Call 561-328-0733 or contact us online.