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Skilled Counsel On Probate Avoidance

The best approach to avoiding probate is avoiding it in the first place if at all possible, and the best way to avoid probate is through a well-executed, comprehensive estate plan.

If you are considering an estate plan, you do not want your estate to go to probate if you can avoid it. It is a great service to your family and other loved ones to have everything in order in your estate plan to make sure that disputes are avoided and the will execution proceeds smoothly.

At the Law Office of Warren B. Brams, P.A., we work with families. Attorney Warren B. Brams has more than 25 years of legal experience. We will use this experience to help you create a comprehensive estate plan to properly communicate your wealth transfer and end-of-life health care objectives.

Which Services Do You Need?

We represent clients who are interested in avoiding probate in West Palm Beach. From our law office, we provide a range of estate planning services that help clients:

  • Ensure legal efficacy: It is important to work with an attorney who can examine all of your estate planning instruments — including wills, trusts, powers of attorney and other documents — to make sure everything is clear, accurate and compliant with the relevant probate laws. This will help ensure that your estate is administered without problems.
  • Avoid disputes: Legal errors and lack of clarity often lead to disputes among potential beneficiaries in the probating of wills. We can help you avoid overlaps, accounting problems and other issues that can bring an estate into probate as a result of disputes.
  • Update estate planning objectives: Change is a reality of life. When life changes, failing to update your will to include family members and other loved ones or remove unwanted beneficiaries can lead to error, confusion and disputes.

Many estate plans consist of many documents without proper consideration for how they work together. Others fail to take into account the possible need for Medicaid in the future or other long-term financial issues. It is very common to see people fixing one problem in their estate plans only to create another. We work with families through the changes of life to make sure every aspect of their estate plans work together and help them achieve their objectives. We also help clients avoid probate through the small estates process.

We represent clients from a range of backgrounds to ensure that their estate plans are in order and will function properly at the time of administration.

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