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Radio show helps South Florida boomers with estate planning

South Florida readers who are concerned with matters of estate planning will be interested to hear of a new and helpful radio show aimed at helping listeners plan their financial futures. The show is called Money Matters, and it features a special section called "Our Dividend Portfolio." While the radio program is certainly no substitute for intricate legal advice, it does touch on topics that range from estate planning to tax strategies to investment management, helping listeners to consider general matters of estate administration.

The show has been described as lively and informative, and the host of the program says that it functions as a "real life learning tool that educates listeners about prudent investing strategies." Money Matters is geared especially toward South Florida baby boomers and retirees who are trying their best to recoup from the nation's economic downturn. The show has also proven to be popular among baby boomers who are realizing the importance of restructuring their investment portfolios with a clear view toward retirement, long-term care, and other end-of-life issues.

Money Matters can likely offer Florida residents some generally helpful ideas about tax law and avoiding probate in the estate planning process. When it comes to matters of wills, trusts, and establishing powers of attorney, Floridians will also want to seek experienced legal counsel, as the pitfalls of shaky estate administration can bring about unpleasant situations for all parties involved. Complex state and federal laws have considerable bearing on the details of a good estate plan, and sometimes very creative means are necessary to construct a plan that is right for a particular situation. For instance, intricate techniques are often needed in matters of family limited partnerships (FLPs), limited liability companies (LLCs), and trusts. If individuals or families in West Palm Beach have concerns about any of these issues, they would certainly be wise to become fully aware of their rights under current Florida and federal law.

Source:, "New Financial Radio Show Engages South Florida Boomers with a Clever Interactive Feature -- PRWeb," Dec. 27, 2011

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