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November 2011 Archives

Guardianship termination being appealed for 18-year-old

Florida residents may know that, in some states, the law allows children the autonomous right to leave their parents at the age of 17. This legal issue has set up a heated case in Michigan for parents of a girl who left their home when she turned 17. Thereafter, a guardian and conservator for the girl were appointed by the local probate court. The girl has since turned 18, and an appeal of her guardianship was recently dismissed because the guardianship terminated when the girl turned 18. However, the conservatorship has not as yet been dismissed and is pending a decision by a court of appeals.

Establishing guardianships requires careful planning

Florida residents with family members or loved ones considered disabled and sick would do well to make careful plans with regard to matters of incapacity. In cases where incapacity planning is not properly handled, disabled or elderly people may find that guardianship proceedings lead to a complete loss of control over their assets and estates. With that in mind, West Palm Beach residents may be interested in the case of a Florida doctor who is fighting his mother's incapacity declaration, which he says has led to the near dissolution of her $2 million dollar estate.

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