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March 2012 Archives

Seniors targeted in Florida mortgage scam

West Palm Beach residents may take note of a local mortgage fraud scheme as a reminder that senior citizens may be especially susceptible to financial abuse. The case of a Delray Beach man convicted of bamboozling seniors with fraudulent loan documents illustrates the importance of staying involved with the financial affairs of senior loved ones. Certain tell-tale signs should raise red flags about a senior's ability to make sound financial decisions and may signal the time to consider establishing a guardianship.

Economic factors to consider in estate planning for Floridians

Florida residents who are planning their estates can ensure that enough money is available for both their retirement fund and the legacy they wish to leave their children. However, given today's difficult economic times and increased life expectancy, many factors need to be considered when laying out estate planning goals.

Florida philanthropist's $1 million gift in question

An elderly South Florida philanthropist is at the center of surprising litigation between her court-appointed guardian and a non-profit organization. The affluent 88-year-old recently became the subject of a guardianship due to complications of Parkinson's disease. Prior to the guardianship, the woman regularly made sizeable contributions to the non-profit organization, and now the non-profit has stepped into the woman's guardianship proceedings to enforce what it claims are legally binding commitments to make a $1 million contribution.

Guardianship dispute spills over into Florida

Probate litigation over a family guardianship found its way into Florida when police apprehended a daughter for interfering with custody orders following a three-week search across state lines. As a result of the incident, the court overseeing the probate litigation denied the daughter access to estate assets, even as it approved gifts of cash to the mother's other two children.