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April 2012 Archives

How should pets be considered in Florida estate plans?

We've discussed before how pets can be left in limbo when their human companions' estate plans don't offer detailed instructions upon the owner's death. West Palm Beach pet lovers may want to consider including plans for the care of their animal companions among other estate planning goals. The fate of a pet often goes overlooked in estate planning, but tools like trusts and simple will provisions can help ensure that assets are designated to provide for a pet's ongoing care once the owner has passed away.

How can online accounts affect estate administration in Florida?

As two state legislatures consider laws regarding access to online accounts, tech-savvy Floridians may want to consider whether their estate plans address the fate of their virtual estates. Although many people view estate planning instruments such as wills and powers of attorney as tools for distributing assets, probate courts increasingly face the question of who has authority to administer a decedent's online legacy.

A letter of instruction may help clarify your Florida estate plan

Some people call it an LOI, but no matter what you call a letter of instruction, it remains an often overlooked option for West Palm Beach residents who are planning their estates. A letter of instruction is meant to offer another level of clarification regarding one's estate planning documents.

Probate issues arise after suspicious death of Florida hotel heir

Palm Beach County residents may take interest in the unusual probate litigation surrounding the estate of the affluent son of a Miami Beach hotel tycoon. An ongoing criminal case accuses the decedent's wife of conspiring to arrange his murder.