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August 2012 Archives

Florida law to control distribution of Davy Jones estate

West Palm Beach readers may remember Davy Jones as the front man for the Monkees and a teen heartthrob of the late 1960s. After the singer died of a heart attack last February, his oldest daughter took the reigns as executor of his estate and moved the court to seal the will and other probate documents.

Revocable trusts a good option for passing on Florida homes

Like most Americans, West Palm Beach residents probably consider their homes one of the most valuable assets they own. Our homes often represent our most significant financial assets, but they also tend to represent a deep personal and emotional investment. The investment we put into our homes should be reflected by our efforts to pass them on to heirs in the best fashion possible. In order to achieve that goal, Floridians may want to consider one of the many uses of revocable trusts.

New law calls for review of Florida powers of attorney

In light of changes to Florida's probate law that took effect last October, West Palm Beach residents may want to consider a review of their estate plans. The changes provide some clarification about certain issues and implement new rules affecting the operation of powers of attorney.

Florida residents, does your estate plan include digital assets?

West Palm Beach residents are becoming more and more accustomed to conducting personal and business interactions electronically. From social media to electronic bank accounts, individuals may not even realize just how much they utilize electronic services. What's more, people may not be properly accounting for their electronic information when they are estate planning, which can have drastic consequences.

Ice cream heiress' estate dispute gets cold shoulder in Florida

West Palm Beach readers may take interest in the ongoing saga of Pamela Carvel, niece to the founders of the popular Carvel ice cream franchise, and a 17-year-long battle over the assets of the franchise founders. The founder and his wife executed identical wills that placed their assets in trust for the benefit of the surviving spouse. Upon the death of the surviving spouse, the wills directed that any residual assets be given to a charitable foundation established by the testators. According to the terms of the wills, the niece was designated to receive a one-time bequest of $20,000.