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September 2012 Archives

Revocable trusts offer perks to lucky lotto winners

Everybody loves the idea of winning the lottery, but not everybody likes the idea of the attention that comes along with a lottery jackpot. West Palm Beach lotto players may want to take a cue from a lucky resident of the northeastern coast who represents only the latest in a growing number of lottery winners taking steps to keep their identities private.

Tips for the tough choice of trustees in Florida estate plans

In light of previous discussions, readers in the West Palm Beach area may have begun to give some thought to the many potential uses of trusts as a versatile estate planning tool. In some cases, the decision to employ a trust will be relatively easy. The more difficult decision may lie in the important choice of who to appoint as trustee.

Financial planners warn against cookie-cutter wills

Do-it-yourself legal documents have been available in various forms for quite some time and the advent of the internet has made boilerplate forms more readily available than ever. For some West Palm Beach residents, a simple fill-in-the-blanks will may be perfectly adequate to address minimal estate planning concerns. When it comes to managing assets of any real value, though, financial professionals caution that relying on one-size-fits-all solutions may be lead to problems that vastly outweigh any upfront savings.

Co-guardian appointed for King of Pop kids

Pop culture fans in West Palm Beach may be interested to know that the most recent topic of dispute among Michael Jackson's siblings and relatives appears to have been resolved. On August 29, over the objections of some family members, a judge approved an order establishing guardianship of the pop star's three children.