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October 2012 Archives

Pour-over will a good idea for Florida estate planning trusts

Previous discussions have described the many useful functions that various forms of trusts can serve in Florida estate plans. Even though establishing a trust accomplishes one important task in estate planning, the will remains a fundamental element of any estate plan. Readers in West Palm Beach should remember that the terms of a will can be critical to the proper execution of a trust and should consider taking the time to review their plans with a professional in order to make sure that all their estate planning instruments are set up to work together.

Pop icon's will a reminder to review Florida estate plans

West Palm Beach readers who have followed some recent discussions surrounding the use of trusts in effective estate planning may want to consider new activity surrounding the estate of pop music icon Whitney Houston. A recent petition to modify the testamentary trust set up for the benefit of the singer's daughter as a reminder of the importance of regularly reviewing estate plans.

Simple steps to smooth Florida estate administration

Followers of this blog may have picked up from recent discussions the importance of choosing wisely when it comes to the appointment of trustees and estate executors. The choice of who will perform critical tasks ranks as one of the more difficult decisions when it comes to estate planning, but some simpler considerations can play an equally important role when it comes to West Palm Beach estate administration.

Florida estate planning: executing powers of attorney

Readers in West Palm Beach who tuned into a recent discussion about the points to consider when choosing a trustee may want to apply the same notions when it comes to planning for incapacity. According to one personal financial specialist, one of the biggest choices when it comes to executing powers of attorney may be the determination of who will serve as your agent for making important personal decisions.