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November 2012 Archives

Florida estate plans can help preserve family values

Some West Palm Beach readers may themselves among the growing number of Americans who want to leave a legacy to heirs that involves more than simply handing down cash and assets. Floridians are increasingly choosing to include charitable organizations in their estate plans, but many also hope to impart personal values as an element of their estate planning goals.

Spendthrift trust may ease Florida estate concerns

Media coverage of the family dispute between the daughter of famed singer Whitney Houston and family members concerned about the distribution of the young heiress' inheritance may have some West Palm Beach readers rethinking the wisdom of leaving substantial estate assets in the hands of youthful heirs. The dispute over the singer's estate centered on concerns about the ability of a teenager to successfully manage large sums of money without falling prey to exploitation and undue influence.

Will parents' unusual wish affect Florida guardianships?

As West Palm Beach readers know, a traumatic accident or illness can sometimes leave a person incapacitated and unable to communicate individual wishes about important life decisions. Whether due to catastrophic injury or infirmities of aging, many Florida families will at some point face a decision about establishing guardianship over a loved one.

Beneficiary designations critical in Florida retirement accounts

West Palm Beach readers may want to make a point of checking up on the beneficiary designations in their 401(k) plans. Failure to designate a beneficiary can result in plan assets being distributed in accordance with default plan rules. Plan default rules may not reflect the plan owner's wishes and may work unnecessary complications into estate administration.

Lindsay Lohan's dad petitions for conservatorship

West Palm Beach readers may be familiar with some of the questionable press that seems to regularly arise around the conduct of actress Lindsay Lohan. Most recently, the actress had an encounter with police over accusations of hitting a man with her car. Although the man claimed that the actress reeked of alcohol, both the police investigation and surveillance camera footage exonerated the actress of any criminal wrongdoing.