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January 2013 Archives

Florida wills deserve professional attention

Last week's post discussed reasons why West Palm Beach residents should think twice before taking it upon themselves to make changes or additions to trust documents. Even relatively simple trusts have to operate in accordance with complex state and federal laws and seemingly innocent modifications can sometimes create unexpected problems.

Avoid Florida trust mistakes with professional assistance

America takes pride in a do-it-yourself attitude, and many West Palm Beach residents probably feel the same way. Taking care of a job at hand can certainly bring a sense of personal satisfaction, but most of us recognize that some jobs are better left to professionals.

Fiscal cliff legislation may impact estate plans

Readers in West Palm Beach who tuned into a recent discussion about important financial planning steps for the New Year may also be interested in learning about some of the estate planning implications of the fiscal cliff legislation that got hammered out on New Year's Day. The potential impact of the bill's provisions on future estate tax liabilities demonstrates the importance of understanding how changes in federal law can change how you wish to distribute assets and property to your heirs.

Simple steps toward New Year financial security in Florida

Like many other Americans, West Palm Beach readers may have made it a New Year's resolution to get serious about taking steps to ensure their families' financial security. According to Consumer Reports magazine, failing to update critical estate planning documents presents one of the top seven financial mistakes people should avoid in 2013.

Specific gifts may snarl Florida estate administration

Every family has its treasured heirlooms and many West Palm Beach readers may already have made plans for how they would like special family items to be passed on after death. One common way that people designate particular gifts to heirs is through specific bequests set forth in a will. In some circumstances, though, specific bequests can prove problematic during estate administration. Floridians may want to consider discussing alternatives with an experienced estate planning professional before committing anything to paper.