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March 2013 Archives

Florida group considering new state-wide medical form

A coalition of attorneys, ethicists and doctors is hoping to introduce a bill in the Florida legislature that would both standardize and require recognition of a new type of medical document, the "Physicians Orders for Lifesaving Treatment." It is believed POSTs would fill a gap many believe exist between a living will and a "Do Not Resuscitate Order." This is a second attempt at passage of such a law, which failed when introduced in 2006.

Possible changes to Florida domestic partnership law debated

A proposed bill in the Florida Senate would give some state-wide rights to individuals living as domestic partners. The bill is a more limited version of an originally proposed bill that would have granted domestic partners in Florida the same basic rights as married couples. The current version would only grant some rights, such as hospital visitation and funeral arrangements, to people living as domestic partners.

Downton Abbey's estate planning lessons

Although most residents of West Palm Beach are likely not earls or countesses, the hit television series "Downton Abbey" contains some financial lessons that from which everyone can learn. One of these is that even people who don't own a castle can benefit from a solid estate plan.

James Brown's estate still not settled, despite will

In most places throughout the country, including right here in West Palm Beach, distribution of assets to beneficiaries upon an individual's death can get mired in the court system for lengthy periods of time. When James Brown, the famous soul singer, died in 2006, he left a will describing how he wished his estate distributed, but years later the matter is still unresolved.