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June 2013 Archives

Five benefits of using a trust

As most Florida residents are aware, estate planning involves the creation of documents that can be used upon a person's incapacity or death. The most commonly known of these types of documents is a last will and testament. While wills are an extremely important part of estate planning, other documents can play a role as well, including medical proxies and powers of attorney. Another tool that Floridians should consider when planning for the future of their assets is the trust.

Another Florida county plans to enact domestic partner registry

The county of Sarasota is moving forward on plans for a domestic partner registry. Two cities within the county, Sarasota and Venice, already have registries. The county's registry would allow residents of the county who live outside those cities' limits to register and protect certain unmarried partners' rights.

Estate planning begins with thinking about asset distribution

Sometimes the best way to learn how to manage wealth is to look at people who have a lot of it. Two of the wealthiest individuals on Earth, Bill Gates and Warren Buffet, have announced that they are leaving a fraction of their assets to relatives, and a bulk of it to charitable foundations. They are touring the world attempting to convince other ultra-wealthy individuals to do the same.

Assisted reproductive technology can complicate an estate plan

The technology that can aid people in having children has advanced in leaps and bounds over the past few decades. While this has been a boon to many couples who might not have ever been able to reproduce otherwise, it can also cause trouble in some instances when people are attempting to create a viable estate plan.