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July 2013 Archives

Guardianship in Florida can be avoided by careful planning

A court-appointed guardian is a person that the court has decided shall have the authority to control another person and/or his or her property. This guardianship is usually grated when an individual has become incapacitated for some reason, and can no longer make decisions legally.

Proper estate planning can head off relatives' tax liabilities

Many residents of Florida are aware that there are several reasons to come up with a solid estate plan. End of life issues such as healthcare proxies, retirement income and powers of attorney are all important components of estate planning, but those plans should also take into consideration the question of tax liabilities on the estate.

Discussion with relatives important for estate plan

Because of the large number of older residents in Florida, estate planning issues are a major concern in the state. Communication with loved ones before they pass away is an important component of that planning process.

Florida law allows "superpowers" in powers of attorney

A Florida law that went into effect in 2011 allows individuals drafting a powers of attorney document to give what are being called "superpowers" to the designee of the document. This wide variety of different legal powers can be a boon to estate planning, but can also lead to abuses.