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August 2013 Archives

Trustees of Florida artist's estate seek large fee award

Three men, who were appointed as trustees to administer a Florida artist's large estate and protect his charitable foundation, are now seeking fees from that estate in excess of $60 million. The foundation is contesting the fee claim in court in Florida and elsewhere.

Florida retirees should plan to avoid estate taxes in home state

Every winter, the population of Florida swells with the ranks of people sometimes called "snowbirds." These individuals, often older, retired people, come south to escape the rigors of winter weather living, either to property they own, or to places that offer leases several months in length. While many of these people will have wills and other documents meant to settle their estates when they eventually die, there are factors that should be taken into account with regard to taxes that they might not have considered.

Estate planning is for everyone and is a beneficial tool

Whether a person is single or married, young or old, they should always consider planning for the future. Estate planning is a useful tool that is for anyone. Florida residents may think that it is for those that are married, wealthy or older, but that is a common misconception. The document is an important tool that could help protect assets, avoid taxation and prepare for the unexpected, especially in today's economy.

Florida woman loses legal right to care for husband

After close to 30 years of marriage, it seems logical that a person with dementia might be expected to be cared for by his spouse. However, under Florida law, sometimes courts make decisions that are in what the court deems the best interest of an elderly person that are not in favor of the long-time spouse.

State seeks temporary guardianship of disabled Florida man

It is usually the case that a parent takes care of their child until they are of majority age. In some situations, parents extend the care and legal obligations of their child well into their adulthood. This occurs when a child is disabled and not fully capable of caring for himself or herself or making the day-to-day decisions. Although it is common practice to appoint the parent as guardian because it would be in the adult child's best interest, this is not always the case.