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October 2013 Archives

Trust administration causing friction among author's family

Zora Neil Hurston was a well-known writer during what is often referred to as the "Harlem Renaissance." She wrote several novels during the 1930's and '40's, and is cited as an influence by many latter-day African-American authors. Unfortunately, she did not achieve financial success before she died in 1960 and did not leave an estate plan.

Part-time Florida residents may need to know two states' laws

Many people live in Florida for part of the year, then go to north to another state for the rest of it. These so-called "snowbirds" are often older people who have retired and can make the journey without work-related constraints. Because of this, these are individuals who are more likely to be thinking of their estate planning needs than people in the middle of their work life.

Medical facilities need to honor medical directives

Florida residents are likely aware that there are legal documents that can be executed to proclaim a person's desires with regard to end-of-life treatment. Among these are healthcare proxies and medical directives. It seems to go without saying that, for these documents to work, they must be respected and followed by the staff at nursing homes and hospitals.

Sometimes, guardianship goes wrong

A court in Florida has reportedly disregarded an elderly woman's "pre-need" plan in favor of the appointment of a professional guardian. The 90-year-old woman allegedly had legal documents that conveyed that she wished to be cared for by a niece in case she became incapacitated.