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December 2013 Archives

Estate planning for special needs children especially important

Many residents of Florida know that having an estate plan is an important part of making certain that one's loved ones are taken care of in the event one is no longer able to do so. Often, the people most at risk are those that are especially vulnerable and unable to care for themselves, such as very young children or children with special needs.

Mandela's heirs fighting over trusts, estate

Millions of people around the world mourned the recent death of anti-Apartheid hero Nelson Mandela. Mandela's legacy of standing up to oppression, yet forgiving his enemies, and working to bring South Africans together will hopefully remain strong through the years. Some of the leader's relatives, though, are proving that families all over the world can act similarly when money is at stake.

New Florida court ruling may affect trust beneficiaries

As many Floridians may know, the use of trusts as part of an estate planning process has become more common in recent years. While there are many advantages to the use of trusts, the law regarding them can be more complex and harder for individuals to understand than some other estate planning vehicles. A recent state court decision has given a little clarity to one aspect of discretionary trust disbursement.

99-year old Florida man gets out of court appointed guardianship

A Florida resident who had been involved in a court-appointed guardianship program, has been released from the program's restrictions. The man, who will turn 100 years old next April, went out for pizza to celebrate.

Use of a trust is one option for Florida Baby Boomers

With the so-called "baby-boomer" generation now steadily entering the ranks of the retired or semi-retired, the number of them that live at least part-time in the state of Florida is on the rise. Many people of this generation are beginning to realize that with the wisdom of age comes the responsibility to provide for loved ones once the inevitable happens.