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March 2014 Archives

A good estate plan helps leave a legacy for Florida residents

Estate planning is about assets, certainly, but it is also about something more: how one's life's work will continue to affect others once one is gone. Or, to put it more simply, what one leaves as a legacy.

'Trust protector' may be new trend to preserve assets

As many Florida residents may know, the use of trusts in estate planning has become a relatively common practice. Trusts are a useful way of avoiding probate and attempting to ensure that assets are distributed according to one's wishes. Trusts can also protect assets from waste by a financially irresponsible beneficiary.

Trust administration, an integral part of elder care plan

Florida is widely known as a retirement destination, to the point that it has become fodder for late-night talk shows and stand-up comedians. The combination of warm, relatively mild weather (save the occasional hurricane), lack of state income tax, moderate cost of living and plethora of possible activities, make the state a welcoming place to spend ones "golden years."

Second marriages require careful estate planning

Florida has a large population of older residents, and remains a destination for individuals who have retired from lucrative professions. A significant number of these people either have a spouse who has died or have been divorced, and are contemplating getting married again.