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June 2015 Archives

Estate Planning in Florida? Don't forget these important points

This blog has covered various forms of estate planning that Florida residents may want to consider. Between wills and trusts and insurance policies, there can sometimes seem like a lot of information to sift through. Along with those general categories are also some specific details that Floridians may want to think about when deciding how to attempt to ensure that their wishes, both in life and after death, are given effect.

What does a Florida 'trust accounting' have to contain?

As has been pointed out previously, the use of trusts as a tool for estate planning purposes has been on the rise over the last few decades, both in Florida and the United States as a whole. The flexibility and protection that a properly drafted trust instrument can provide suggests that this popularity is not destined to wane any time soon. This also means that the demand for trustees will likely continue to grow, and the chances that a Florida resident may need to understand his or her rights as a beneficiary under a trust may similarly increase.

What adult guardianship issues may require help in Florida?

About a month ago, this blog reported on the passing of professional guardianship reform by the Florida Legislature. While this is certainly good news for those dealing with the adult guardianship system, it will not end all issues that a Floridian may have when it comes to this issue. In this installment, let's look at some of the different aspects of adult guardianship in Florida that might cause someone to consider consulting a professional.

What happens in Florida when an estate owes money?

When many people think about wills, probate, or the administration of someone's estate, they typically think about what property has been left and the beneficiaries to whom it has been bequeathed. However, as this blog has touched on before, in the context of a discussion about the role of a personal representative, there are a few other steps that go in finalizing a Florida estate's administration. One of these steps is dealing with any creditors who may be owed money from the estate.