Protecting Your Family's Future

Skilled Resolutions Of Probate And Estate Issues

As an attorney who handles serious personal injury and wrongful death cases, you excel at making your client’s case for full and fair compensation.

You know how important it is to handle estate, guardianship and probate issues with sensitivity and skill in such cases. But since these issues can get complicated quickly, you may be looking for a Florida attorney who can work with you to resolve them effectively.

I am Warren B. Brams, a Florida attorney based in West Palm Beach who focuses his practice on taking care of probate, guardianship and estate matters in wrongful death and personal injury cases. Most of my clients are referrals from plaintiffs’ lawyers and I am honored by the trust they show in me.

What Type Of Case Do You Need To Resolve?

I’ve been providing estate assistance for plaintiffs’ lawyers in Florida for over 25 years. This has given me extensive experience in handling the full range of issues that can arise, including:

  • Guardianship and incapacity planning — In serious injury cases, guardianship of children is very important. So are incapacity and guardianship planning for certain adults. I can help your client make the right arrangements.
  • Probate and estate matters in negligence and wrongful death cases — I handle estates for wrongful death and negligence cases on a flat fee. I can guide your clients through these issues confidently and protect their rights.

Talk With Me To Discuss How I Can Help

Please give me a call at your convenience to discuss how I can help in a case you are handling. Or, if you prefer, complete the brief online form.